Arthur Panagis

One of the most rewarding things about being a financial planner and delivering strategic financial advice in Adelaide is working collaboratively with a client. It is about developing and building their goals and objectives and then watching them come to fruition. There has never been a better time to start and achieve a financial plan.

Giving our client a real sense of achievement and self empowerment when they have reached their goals is why we exist. You may have heard of this saying? I am sure you have heard of it.. ‘Are we there yet?’ And when we can together ‘say YES!’ – there is a wonderful feeling of true satisfaction and joy for us and our client.

“I believe all Australians deserve the opportunity to create wealth to achieve the things in life that are important to them. We aim to achieve this through superior professional knowledge and service coupled with an intimate understanding of client goals and values”




Hi I am Arthur Panagis, founder and director of FMG Wealth Strategists. I thought this might be a good time to tell you a little bit about my background. I started as a small business owner over 25 years ago when my wife owned a hair and beauty salon here in Adelaide. I took care of all the back office operations whilst I was working as an accountant in the corporate arena.

I grew up on a fruit orchard in Renmark of the Riverland, so small business was engrained early in life coordinating the picking, cutting and packing of our produce for the markets. Reflecting back now, I more enjoyed the business side, dealing with the suppliers and packaging companies, together with the fruit agents, banks and accountants. Whilst my friends were skiing on the river Murray and playing basketball and cricket during our summer holidays, working on the fruit orchard had me very busy as a teenager.

Many years later, after moving to Adelaide my wife and I started our own small business. Within 12 months, in the late 80’s interest rates had reached an all time high and my parents walked off their fruit property as the bank foreclosed.  For many years I carried this around as baggage as I felt a sense of guilt that I could or should have done more as eldest of three children to avoid this. Then in the early mid 2000’s my wife convinced me to do a course which by the end of it made me decide to turn this baggage into jet fuel.

From this point on I understood my calling/purpose was to assist and empower other small business owners with not only my 15 years accounting experience but to add to that financial advice and strategies to make sure what happened to my parents doesn’t happen again especially under my watch.

So I got to work, studying after hours to attain my financial Licence. After 3 years working most of that time at one of the top 10 AMP financial practices in the country I founded FMG Wealth Strategists.

Looking back now I don’t think I chose to work in this space I honestly think it chose me and as such I am prepared to spend the rest of my working life dedicated to providing advice and strategies to both individuals and small business owners so they too can work towards living their dreams too — financially free.

Whether it is for your wealth protection through both personal and business insurances or your wealth creation and expansion through diversified investments (whether inside outside super) or those looking to purchase their own business real premises within a self managed super fund we are here to help you achieve your financial goals.

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We also feel we have an obligation to educate you on wealth creation which includes the right mind set. Cutting edge research in the area of epigenetics and neuroplasticity is showing us how much our mind can influence our surroundings and our results.

Let’s use the black belt analogy in relation to education and mastery. Over 12 years now I have been involved in the martial art of taekwondo including 4 years as an instructor. White belt represents the beginning – the novice stage working to become an expert (blackbelt) — At this stage, achieving a good degree of proficiency of the art. From there mastery is a series of achievements. It also indicates the endless universe where development of technique is limitless. Financial Mastery is no different in this ever changing and evolving world!

Our mission is to assist and empower you in your wealth creation, protection and education in pursuit of your financial freedom and towards your personal financial mastery.

Some of My Related Qualifications

  • Bachelor of  Business (Accounting)
  • Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
  • Professional Certificate in Self Managed Super Funds
  • ASX Listed Equities Accreditation

Our Purpose

Living Today, Creating Tomorrow

Our Mission

To assist and empower people in business and personally in the creation, education and expansion of wealth in pursuit of their own financial freedom.


Living YOUR Dream Financially Free

Who Do We help?

Individuals, families, professionals and business owners who are wanting a solid financial strategy in place, to create wealth in the vision of their own idea of financial freedom.

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How Do We Help You ?

Income and trauma protection – life & tpd insurance plans
Making good choices for superannuation
Set saving/budget goals
Managing debt

Small Business Owners generally worry about everybody else in their business and often leave themselves last – on many levels including being last to be paid with what’s left over! That’s no way of creating and expanding wealth for yourself! Never forget you’re the most important person in your business and it is paramount that you look after your most important asset… YOU!

Together we implement our unique S.O.A.R. program
We Strategise – Organise – Advise – and always Review

As Director of his own small business over 25 years providing IT solutions for the hair and beauty industry his experience here makes him acutely aware of the challenges facing small business and their owners in today’s climate.

Arthur’s experience for Strategising, Organising and Advising with and for business owners on their Wealth Creation, Education and Protection solutions is what he finds inspiring and now ‘called’ to do.
Tom S.  Sales and Marketing manager