Retirement or Re-Inspirement Planning

Well it’s a fact that we are going to be living longer so rather than retirement we recommend Re-Inspirement ! In the other words what are you going to retire to?

Off course, that entails Estate Planning incorporating wills, powers of attorney etc. By getting your house in order in this area, we know that most of your investment growth normally comes toward the end of your life. Which makes sense as a result of what Albert Einstein termed the 8th wonder of the world, called ‘The law of compounding”.

Like a Rocket leaving the earth… the higher you go the less resistance you encounter and faster you rise. So as gravity decreases the density of the atmosphere lessens and momentum builds.

This is what happens to your wealth creation if you allow it grow and expand. Building earlier with momentum.. wouldn’t that give you a great reason to ‘live‘ and then you may just retire to something that continues to inspire you.

Some call this retirement but we term it re-inspirement for a very good reason..




If you are unsure of what you have or more importantly NOT HAVE,  please contact us — just call to arrange a time to review where you are and where you would like to be.

One of our clients told us “Clarity and structure with a clear plan is so inspiring and knowing where you are going financially makes everyday like Christmas” What you do today, creates your tomorrow so make the best of today.
Just 45 minutes is the best way to start..