Arthur Panagis

Founder, Principal Adviser, Wealth Coach and Strategist


  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
  • Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)
  • Professional Certificate in Self Managed Super Funds
  • ASX Listed Equities Accreditation
  • Tax Financial Adviser

My mission is to assist and empower you in your Wealth Creation, Expansion, Protection and Education in pursuit of your financial freedom and towards your personal financial mastery.

Debbie Panagis

Cashflow Management and Debt Advice Specialist


  • Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

In my role as a Cashflow and Debt specialist, my main focus is having a clear PLAN for our clients. Becoming debt free sooner and how to make a bett3r position with the money they have available is the key to our Cashflow and Debt Advice Program.

Managing finances can be challenging. It’s good to keep it simple where you can. We do the hard work with you and then show you how to get a good ‘handle’ on it.

We show you how to connect to and see ALL your money and accounts (including credit card/s, super, home loan/s etc) giving you ALL the balances and transactions from ALL institutions in ONE place.

The core part of our business and service is providing a simple system to follow (based on YOUR goals) that gives you a PLAN, a date that you will be DEBT FREE, and you get to decide how your CASHFLOW underpins your every goal.

Thomas Tan

Associate Adviser


  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)
  • Certificate IV in Business

As a young graduate from university, it is such a great opportunity for me to join this team. I really enjoy working at FMGWS as it offers me more opportunities to expand my knowledge in the financial planning industry. I am keen to become an extraordinary financial planner and I wish to help you achieve your financial objectives, whilst achieving my personal objectives at FMGWS.

Michael Nevin Oscares

Financial Planning Assistant


  • Bachelor of Psychology

As a fresh graduate with a psychology degree, it is a privilege to be able to learn more about financial literacy and the value of starting to plan my financial future early. FMGWS has been teaching me every step of the way the means to prepare myself and others for financial wealth and freedom. I am honored to be working as a financial planning assistant in order to assist others reach their financial goals and dreams for a brighter and secure future.

Rebecca Hyams

Client Services / Quality Review Officer


  • Bachelor of Commerce from Flinders University (Major in Accounting, minor in Finance)
  • Associate Diploma in Accounting

In my role as Client Services/Compliance Officer, I enjoy maintaining client records and ensuring  that all aspects of compliance are adhered to. Maintaining accurate and reliable records is something that links well with my accounting background and the need for detailed information. Constant educational updates on compliance is vitally important to ensure the integrity of service to clients, and updating my knowledge is something that I relish as part of my role.

Our specialty is helping clients make better choices with the money they have available. Ensure their debts are structured in the most efficient manner. And retire debt free. On the date they choose – with money left over to live their best retirement possible.

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