2020 Year of Metalic Rat

Not sure how you felt as 2020 came into existence but for me it felt very auspicious and the anticipation of this new year and new decade seemed really exciting. And add to that, the emergence of the Chinese new year being a Rat. Please don’t let the name “Rat” fool you!  The Rat years are filled with creativity, prosperity, opportunities and more so, if you are feeling it, why not tap into it and take advantage of these energies.

2020 is also the beginning of a brand new 12-year cycle and a brand new decade. So your focus, actions and how you choose to move forward will set the tone for this new decade!

This is the Year of the ‘Metal’ Rat and is considered to be a strong, prosperous and lucky year filled with the potentials for new beginnings and new opportunities.

This seems like a great year to move forward with determination and focus, setting up a new foundation and directing the energies for your personal success, career, growth and relationships.

Sounds like a great year, doesn’t it?

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Arthur Panagis
Founder, ‘Whole Wealth’ Coach and Strategist
Author of ‘The Art of Building Wealth’

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