Coronavirus.. Heads up, eyes forward, hands washed and dreams are still there.

With the coronavirus advance we all have to do our part right now, so this is my unique way of doing it. Please read and access these resources below…

People are struggling to find their emotional center in this global pandemic.

People are scared. They are glued to the news. They’re wondering how to care for their health and the well-being of their families, teams and communities. And juggling constant change.

Everyone is worried about the future. We see fear, anxiety and worry are taking over especially in our supermarkets. Crazy stuff!

These emotions can paralyze us and steal from our focus, our good habits, and our sense of peace and purpose — our wellbeing.

So, I’ve decided to do something to help in my own unique way. Something that I’ve never done before. I shared this post on my fb page recently posted from one of my mentors. I appreciate this short message as he always provides good balanced advice (on many levels). Listen here


My personal perspective..
Every time you begin to panic or go into how bad it’s going to be or whose fault it is, your whole body vibrates with the fear virus. The virus of fear is worse than the Coronavirus. The virus of fear can cause all kinds of disease. The Coronavirus causes a flu-like disease. Fear however will hurt your immune system, will hurt your ability to make balanced decisions, will hurt your personal and financial growth, and it will certainly hurt your happiness… all without the virus even touching you.

I have said many times before, ‘Thoughts Become Things” Your thoughts do affect your health, your wealth and your wellbeing! I would like to share a magnificent insight from scientist Elizabeth Blackburn – her Nobel Prize winning, groundbreaking research on telomeres — including how we might have more control over our health, our bodies and aging than we think.

The science of cells that never get old and maintain our health | Elizabeth Blackburn
Watch here


FMG 'Whole Wealth' Strategists - Coronavirus health affects wealth

Fear Comes from a Loss of Control

Here are some interesting statistics and insightful strategies to open our perspectives during this new uncertain stage – history and science is offering us opportunities to feel more centred amidst all this chaos.

When you don’t know what to do and feel like you have no control, that’s when you go into fear. Fear comes whenever there is uncertainty. Remember, you only live in this moment. You have control of your reactions now, your emotions now, your state of being now. The more ‘now’ you can stay, the more your vibration lifts above the hysteria and you move away from fear. But more than that, your ability to hook into an anchor that’s not afraid will create a space around you for others to find that glimmer of hope too. You will be a leader in your family. You will be a leader in your group of friends, and in your community, because they see you are not reacting to the fear of a pandemic.


What do I need to do now?

When you stay away from fear and stay in the present moment, you make decisions from this moment. “What do I need to do now?” You can’t control the future, but you can trust that when the future happens, you’ll know what to do. So ask yourself, “Do I need to have food in my pantry?” “Do I need to have batteries?” If the answer is yes—do it in a fearless way. Do it as if it’s just the normal thing on your to-do list. You can feel the difference between when you’re driven by fear and when you’re driven by purposeful clarity.

In closing, keep your immune system healthy. The best way to keep your immune system high is not to go into fear. Fear and a healthy immune system are great enemies.

FMG 'Whole Wealth' Strategists - Coronavirus - health affects wealth

It’s a rare opportunity that we are given the chance to choose peace and calm when there is so much fear in this country and around the world right now.

So, keep your head up, eyes forward, hands washed and your dreams are still there!


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