The goal of life is growing financially, mitigate financial risk and to have the lifestyle you desire. It costs both time and money to enjoy life and the more time and money you have the freer you are.

The problem is that if we continue to rely on wanting and buying now, and not setting up the right strategies and structures to build wealth, limiting your chances to lose wealth along the way, we won’t enjoy the lifestyle we desire.

When you are able to build and accelerate your wealth while managing risk safely and are growing financially, then you can Be, Do, and Have what you want.

The Power of Growing Financially

Your life demonstrates your highest values and financial freedom is your power. Give yourself permission to shine financially because financial disempowerment is your biggest disincentive in life.

Your life mission is to dedicate yourself to freedom, so don’t give your power away and risk not growing financially and being free..

What’s holding you back?

By prioritizing your life and getting clear on your highest values you naturally grow financially, with foresight. Not having a plan and clear vision, and the action steps to build your wealth it is hard to live the life your desire.

Some people say we don’t need money. That’s absolutely ridiculous. We all need money to do what we want to do. Money is vitally important. It’s a medium of exchange for other people’s products and services. So, you’re not going to do anything well or effectively in your life without money. I’m not saying it’s the only thing, but it is vitally important.

Finding Your Treasure

Wealth = self-worth

If you know and live by your highest values your self-worth goes up and you’re more objective. And people who are more objective manage money well and manage their risk more wisely. They think in advance of the repercussions of immediate gratification. They use their foresight and become a master of money. Increasing your self worth and certainty in this way seems to directly elevate net-worth.

FACT: You are going to be a slave to money and you are not going to be financially independent if you don’t buy assets and put money into something that will give you a return.

Buying stuff

How long does your impulse purchase satisfy you for? Sooner or later it becomes just another ‘thing’ and the money you spent is gone! No value gained. This now becomes your pain out of your pleasure.

As long as you buy things that go down in value, that are consumables, ahead of buying assets, you will never be financially free. Consumables are an impulse system and put your future wealth at risk. This form of immediate gratification spending is usually used to make you look good in front of other people and robs you of your ability to build assets that will pay you in the future. Immediate gratification spending as opposed to necessity spending will have you forever working for money instead of having your money work for you.

On the other hand, when you are using your foresight (your executive centre) and living by priority, have a plan and are objective, then you are going to stick to that plan, you will think things through, stop and reflect, and evaluate whether it is aligned with your highest values and you on purpose, inline with your long term financial plan before you act.

Buy Assets

So buy assets and live by long-term vision where it pays you.
HINT: Don’t allow yourself to raise your lifestyle until your savings and income matches the next level of lifestyle.


  1. Look in your wardrobe
    • Look – where is your wealth?
  2. Open your garage door
    • Look – where is your wealth?
  3. Open your storage cupboards
    • Where have you been spending your money?

Reflect on where you have been spending, on what you don’t really need. Stuff depreciates!
Now I’m not saying it’s bad to spend on some stuff. But only after you have enough assets to fund the ‘stuff’. You’ll be a slave to money if you buy liabilities but you’ll be a master if you buy assets.

Value yourself. Value wealth.

Wealth means well-being. If you don’t master money you are not going to have well-being. You’ll be living in stress all the time. So by living by your highest values, consistently managing your risk and mastering your financial mind, you will master your money and you will start to buy assets that will allow your money to work for you.

HINT: After a while patience and a long-term vision will all of a sudden allow your lifestyle to go up every single year because your assets are growing faster than what you are consuming. And in that process you have mastered your money and mastered your life.

P.S. It doesn’t matter what you make. What matters is how you manage your money.
It doesn’t matter what you’ve made in your lifetime, what matters is what you have kept and grown. This allows you to empower all areas of your life. If you would like to learn more…

Mastering money and mastering emotions are inseparable. People who can’t manage their emotions, can’t manage their money or any other area of their life.

Levels of Financial Progress

Level 1 – Basics to live – House, food, water, clothes, education
          2 – Savings, Pay Yourself account, Dream account + Emergency fund
          3 – Assets, and passive income to fund your lifestyle
          4 – Right to risk
          5 – Do whatever the hell you like.

If you want to live the life you want that is meaningful and purposeful, you have to get clear and prioritize your actions. Freedom = Fulfillment and fulfillment is a life filled with love, balance, inspired actions and enthusiasm, all from within.

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REMEMBER, Action is power!

Wealth belongs to those who plan for it.
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