Our values are what we create our lives around. Consciously or unconsciously these values determine where we spend our time, energy and money.

The higher something is placed on your list of values the more you are inspired to do it, spend money and your energy on.

Axiology being the study of values comes from the Greek word ‘axio’ meaning ‘of value’, and by studying our values and understanding the hierarchy within those values assists us in determining what value you place on wealth.

You see most people say they want wealth but don’t display that in real life. Wherever you spend your time, money and energy is where your highest values are! The lower wealth is on your values list the less time, money and energy you will devote to this.

When you receive money, it is automatically applied to, or spent on, whatever you value most. If wealth building is not among your top values, you won’t have wealth in that form.

“The values determination questionnaire we use is part of our ‘45min Wealth Check’. It shows you exactly where your true wealth value lies. If it is low you will unlikely ever accumulate true wealth, but the good news is you can elevate it to increase your opportunities for sustained wealth creation”

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