Imagine having an app to keep your priorities on track with an account that thinks like you do. There is a Bett3r way and here’s how..


How to keep your priorities on track with an account that thinks like you do

Choose THREE or More Goals ~ easily build your goals with this App

Start exploring and you can build your goals immediately.

Keep your priorities on track with an account that thinks like you do to..

Simplify your finances

Protect your lifestyle

Retire right

Be debt free

Buy an investment property

Save for something big

Pursue a passion

Buy a home

Build reserves

Furthermore, the smart functions re balance and distribute money between the three accounts based on YOUR bills and savings goals, to accurately work out what’s left over. Spend knowing you have it all covered!

A Bett3r App

Bett3r is a whole of wealth view and overall budget creation. The three linked accounts make for easy day-to-day management with automatic, real time re-balancing to help manage your finances.

Once set up, your budgeting and cashflow management will be simplified. Making it easier for you to track your spending and reach your savings goals.


In-Built Smarts for Bill Management
Consequently the smart functions that re balance and distribute money between the three accounts based on your bills and savings goals, accurately work out what’s left over.

See video; Understanding auto balancing, transfers and matching bills here

Need Budgeting Help
A core feature of the Bett3r Account that allows you to easily set up budgets and understand trade-off decisions.

See video;  Understanding income and budget cycle here 

Easy Transfer and Withdraw

Flexibility to easily take out money, just like a normal bank account, but in a way that tells you the impact on your overall budget that you have set up in your Bett3r Account.

See video;  How to manually transfer money between accounts and goals here 

Pay, Save, Spend

Allowance management

A feature that allows you to budget against an allowance which is linked to your debit card.

See video Pay, Save, Spend – how all three accounts work together here

Get a complete overview of how the Bett3r Account and Money Manager could provide a complete cash management package here 

Most importantly, it’s free if your pay goes into this account. Sign up and test it out. You will be amazed how this app will keep your priorities on track with an account that thinks like you do.

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