This is the # 1 barrier to building wealth.


Q: How successful would you be at building wealth if you only did the things that you think you should do?

A: The answer is very. You would be very successful if you only took the action that you knew you should do.

Most people aren’t getting the success they want to, not because they don’t know what to do; it’s because they can’t get themselves to take action on it. Why can’t they take the action? It’s because of this thing called procrastination.


Procrastination is your #1 barrier to building wealth 

If you want to remove the procrastination you have to remove the block sitting between now and everything you would like. And that’s what we are going to cover now. So, procrastination.. not directly to do with building wealth a lot of people might think but actually, it is very directly associated with wealth building. This could be the biggest thing that’s holding you back. Not for lack of knowledge but procrastination causes your lack of energy and inspiration to do something.

So, if you want to know how to stop the procrastination it could be because you’re procrastinating right now. I definitely know what that’s like when you should be doing real work, setting up your automatic savings account, but first you’ve got to take a nap, or clean something or have a snack.

Barrier to Building Wealth

Q: Why do people procrastinate?

A: If you are procrastinating about doing anything, it’s not because you’re lazy. Thinking that will only create another problem that you have to overcome. The reason we procrastinate is because human beings are programmed to take the path of least resistance. This forms our greatest barrier to building wealth. Our brains assess what is less painful, and more pleasurable and then we find the easier way out. And now you may be thinking “Oh, this is too much to digest, I’d rather just I’d rather just be doing something else or skimming through this information or turning to Facebook and scrolling your feed. Anything you perceive as difficult you will naturally shy away from.

For example, it may be more painful to set up your savings account and pay yourself first, can you put it in the too hard basket because it’s more pleasurable to check Facebook, to go out and buy a depreciating consumable and procrastinate.

Q: So why is it that we procrastinate?

A: It’s a survival mechanism. A survival mechanism built into us to conserve energy. It’s our power saving mode. So, we only do something we have to. The problem though in the survival mode it only helps us in the short term, but not in the long term. That’s because most things worth achieving; like building wealth, learning a new skill and saving to invest requires a long-term focus.

There are many possible solutions to stopping procrastination for a long-term wealth building solution. I’d prefer long term solutions internally aligned with our highest values and inner vision. Nothing is terribly difficult if you break it down into small pieces. That way you are breaking down the biggest barrier to building wealth.

Think about eating an ice cream. Have you ever procrastinated about eating ice cream? What about Google? Do you procrastinate when googling something you really want?



The reason why you procrastinate is you perceive something to be difficult. So, you take the easier option. Consequently, raising your barrier to building wealth. As humans we operate on our perceptions. So how can we take this and overcome procrastination?

If you perceive something is too difficult, you haven’t broken it down into enough pieces. You will have overwhelm, procrastination or resistance.

Step 1. You want to break your task down into small pieces (Whatever are you perceiving to be difficult right now?)
Step 2. Break into even smaller pieces if it still seems too hard
Step 3. Do the first easy step.

These steps are all the same for whatever you want to achieve. Increase gradually and persistently. Make tasks easy, one step at a time. Always asking yourself how can I break this down to easier steps?



Once you get the hang of this, your barrier to building wealth crumbles and you’ll find yourself far less procrastinating and, what that means for you, when you break it into small pieces and start asking yourself how can I break this task into smaller steps to make it easier? Once you get the hang of it, what that means for you now is your results will occur more effortlessly and you’ll achieve more; in one week, one year, one lifetime, and what most people would ever dream of. The barriers to building your wealth will be gone.

In terms of action steps right now, what I would advise is think of something that you regularly procrastinate. It could be saving money to buy appreciating assets, something to do with your business or your marketing, getting up in the morning, exercise, whatever that is for you.

Bring that to mind right now. Something you regularly procrastinate. The reason why I’d like you to bring something up that you regularly procrastinate is because if we figure out the small steps the baby steps to make this effortless it will pay off, not just once but payoff regularly because it’s a recurring action. So, bring that to mind, just start off with one thing and ask yourself how can I add little baby steps in between. How can I make this easier? That is the formula for your success.

Q: So, where to from here?

A: The next time you feel you want to put something off, just remember “nothing is terribly difficult when you break it into small pieces” and start asking yourself how can I break this task into the smallest steps to make it easier?

Once you get the hang of this it will become a habit and you’ll actually find yourself procrastinating far less frequently or you’ll end it all together. What that means for you now is your results will occur more effortlessly.


If your finances are paying you to live, then you have financial certainty.
If not, you are in some sort of pain. And that pain will continue or get worse the longer you stay where you are.
Find out how to start paying yourself first here and bust down all the barriers to building your wealth.

REMEMBER, Action is power!

Until next time,
Make the rest of your life the best of your life.







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