US Shares has taken out back to back top performing asset class year ending 30th June 2015.
After topping the best performing asset class in 2014 with 22.7% it has backed up again with 31.8% in 2015.

No surprises that Cash has been the lowest performing asset class with 2.6%. What is surprising though is that it is quite unusual that an asset class wins 2 years running as you can see in the downloadable Vanguard 2015 Index Chart. In fact in the last 30 years only on 4 occasions has an asset class been the best performing one back to back. US Shares last did this back in 1997 and 1998.

As stated in the Vanguard chart having a diversified mix of investments across multiple asset classes can help smooth out returns over time as the best and worst performing asset classes will often vary from one year to the next. This reinforces the importance of sticking to an investment strategy and focusing on the long term.

As well as downloading the attached report Index Chart, you can also use the Vanguard interactive chart on our tools and calculators page also below.

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