Protect Your Business Revenue as Your Business Grows

In order to protect business revenue, you should consider insuring the people who play a key role in the ongoing success and profitability of your business.

What are the benefits?

Imagine if something was to happen to you or another key person (such as a key employee 1). The insurance provider pays the claim.

The insurance payment could be used to:

  • offset a reduction in revenue.
  • and cover the costs associated with finding and training a suitable replacement.
Protect your business’ revenue - FMG Wealth Strategists - Adelaide

Why Protect Your Business Revenue..

Tips and traps

  • Term Life insurance policies used to protect against a loss of revenue are generally tax-deductible. And any benefits received are generally assessable as income. To protect business revenue you should get advice from a registered tax agent relevant to your circumstances.
  • The Australian Taxation Office does not recognise a policy as having a revenue protection purpose if the death or disablement of the insured person is likely to result in the closure of the business.
  • It may be more cost-effective over the longer term if you pay level premiums, rather than stepped premiums that increase each year with age (see Strategy 6).
  • If you’re in business with other people, you should consider establishing a Buy Sell agreement funded by insurance (see Strategy 1).
  • It’s also important to protect your living expenses. (see Strategy 2) As well as your business expenses (see Strategy 8) if you are temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury.
  • You should also make sure you have enough personal insurance to protect yourself and your family if something happens to you. To find out more about using insurance for personal protection purposes, see our ‘Protecting you and your family’ guide. “MLC Protecting business owners Smart strategies guide”

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Protect your business’ revenue - FMG Wealth Strategists - Adelaide

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