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Business Owners Specific Solutions


  • Buy/Sell Agreements and Funding to protect business ownership.
  • Estate strategies to distribute wealth to loved ones as per your wishes.
  • Small business tax concession strategies to maximise tax benefits available when selling your business and investing wisely and appropriately.


5 Pillars of Protection essential for you, your family and your business to be covered:

  1. BUY/SELL AGREEMENT FUNDING If you are in a business and one of the owners was to die or become disabled have business succession arrangements (with sufficient funding) been made to ensure a smooth handover of ownership? If not you could have just inherited your ex business partner’s spouse telling you how to run your business!
  2. KEYPERSON COVER If you as business owner (or another keyperson) dies or becomes disabled, have sufficient insurances been taken out to protect your business from a decline in revenue/profits and also to enable the business to meet its ongoing financial commitments (eg loans/overdrafts/creditors or leases)?
  3. BUSINESS OVERHEADS If you were unable to work in your business for a year, could you continue to pay your ongoing business expenses (eg loan repayments or rent. Leasing costs, utility bills)?
  4. INCOME PROTECTION If you were unable to work for 3 months, or longer, because of an accident or illness, could you meet your lifestyle expenses (eg. loan repayments, rent food, education, clothing, entertainment without a regular income
  5. LIFE/TOTAL AND PERMANENT DISABILITY (TPD) COVER Would your current insurances, including those within super funds be enough to pay off your personal debts (eg mortgage, car loan, credit cards) and keep your family comfortable for the rest of their lives?

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