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FMG Wealth Strategists is a financial planning and advice practice based in Adelaide. We offer completely independent Cashflow and Debt Solutions. Furthermore, our services include Investment and Wealth Creation Strategies, Retirement Planning, Super and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) advice, Estate and Succession Planning. Our clients are mums and dads, business owners, medical professionals, young families, pre & post retirees, executives and singles, all at different stages of their financial journey.

Our Cashflow and Debt Solutions Program

Managing your finances can be challenging. It’s good to keep it simple where you can. We do all the hard work for you and show you how you can get a ‘good’ handle on your debt, your finances, as well as, the right strategies when preparing for debt.

How Can We HELP You?

We’ll show you how to connect and see ALL your money and accounts all in ONE place. With ALL transactions across ALL financial institutions – including your super, home loan/s, credit card/s, shares/ investments etc.

Imagine getting a true handle on your finances?

First of all, preparing for debt is the most important financial commitment you can make. Consequently, so is making a better position with the money you have available. As well as, always having a ‘live’ birds eye view of your finances. Following that, being able to highlight extra wriggle room or let you know where you may need to reel it in. This strategy is a massive benefit to us all, no matter your current circumstances.

We all have bills, expenses and things we want to save for but budgeting can be boring. So, we advise to get it sorted before it becomes stressful. There is a bett3r way. Our Cashflow and Debt Solutions Program now makes managing your money effortless.

Wealth Creation

Creating wealth is not always easy. Whether you are just starting out, or further along the way, controlling debt is a team sport. You need your team to consist of competent professionals. For the reason, a high quality, well qualified and experienced financial planner should be top of the list.

Our clients realize the need to have the right strategies and structures in place. To create wealth and manage debt, reviewing these strategies and structures on a regular basis is essential. Besides that, your circumstances will change. Along with your goals. And so will the economy and the legislation relating to how your affairs are structured.

There are many paths that may be more appropriate for your cashflow and debt solutions:

Selecting the best debt reduction structure may be a combination of multiple strategies to properly meet your needs.

At FMG Wealth Strategists, ‘Financial Planning For Life’, we have been assisting clients achieve their cashflow and debt management goals through good times and bad. Call us for an appointment and lets change your future for the financial better.

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Our mission is to help our client with their wealth creation and expansion strategies. To achieve financial freedom and peace of mind. Above all, when it comes to planning and managing your wealth, a tailored financial plan and solid financial strategy are just two of the ingredients in seeing our client’s goals and objectives come to fruition.

Early Cashflow and Debt Solutions

It is becoming clearer that addressing your cashflow and debt concerns as soon as possible is extremely important. Leaving it and thinking it will get better in the future rarely happens, hence a clear written plan is all important.

For this reason, FMG Wealth Strategists, ‘Cashflow and Debt Solutions For Life’ Program, is focused on assisting you achieve your goals through good times and bad.

Call us for an appointment and lets change your financial future

We all want to have more money at the end of our life than more life at the end of our money. Therefore, we are here to ensure you enjoy your lifestyle and financial independence in your retirement. Examining your take-home pay now can be as simple as reviewing your discretionary spending. Possibly cutting back on a few little luxuries now, and putting those savings into your debt instead. Granted, not as much fun, but better to rob yourself of something small now than to rob yourself of enjoyment in your retirement.

Most importantly, consider your current debt levels before adding to future debt. If your cashflow isn’t in check, and you don’t know your true debt levels, you might find it difficult to pay your current debt. Also, on top of your existing bills and commitments, you could end up worse off. Certainly not where you want to be!

YOU get to take control of your current finances.

We help you do this by offering completely independent wealth and investment advice. Which encompasses cashflow and debt solutions, super advise and consolidation. Along with tailored cashflow and debt plans.  The tools we use and recommend allow you to connect and see ALL your money and ALL your accounts in ONE place. ALL transactions across ALL institutions. Including your super, and home loan/s, credit card/s, shares/ investments. No-one else is offering this complete solution at this time.

It’s true.. managing your finances can be challenging. Hence we impress, it is important to keep it simple where you can. That is why our Cashflow and Debt advice service does all the hard work for you. We show you HOW you can then get a ‘good’ handle on and then take control of your finances.

Our 5 Steps for Your Improved Cashflow and Debt Solutions

  1. Understanding your goals
  2. Understand how you are spending your money
  3. Build a solution that fits you
  4. Provide advice, tips & tools
  5. Regular check in

What’s in a Cashflow and Debt Solutions plan?

In our plan, we are going to highlight the choices you make with the money you have available. Above all, create a plan that outlines the best way your debts need to be structured to meet the goals you want to achieve.

  • Our specialty is helping our clients make better choices with the money they have available
  • Ensure their debts are structured in the most efficient manner
  • And that they retire debt free – with money left over – on the date they choose.

We map the process with you. Track your progress. Review as regularly as you choose. And confront the issues together.

Our specialty is helping clients make better choices with the money they have available. Ensure their debts are structured in the most efficient manner. And retire debt free. On the date they choose – with money left over to live their best retirement possible.

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