Wealth Creation and Expansion

Welcome to FMG Wealth Strategists – Financial Planning for Life. Our mission is to help people with their wealth creation and expansion strategies. To achieve financial freedom and peace of mind. When it comes to planning and managing your wealth, a tailored financial plan and solid financial strategy, are just two of the ingredients in seeing our client’s goals and objectives come to fruition.

Our Aim is to work with you to develop a comprehensive wealth creation and expansion strategy to suit your current situation. Helping you achieve the lifestyle you desire.

We will always be here to offer sound advice and implement the right financial strategy to complement the choices you make for your financial future based on your goals and objectives.


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Every client has a different financial story and unique set of goals. We act as the hub for your wealth creation and expansion. We will communicate with your existing accountant, lawyer and banker to create seamless financial relations. If you don’t currently have relationships with these parties, we’ve developed strategic alliances with a number of professionals who we can call upon at your request.

Our system brings your goals into clear focus and highlights what is realistic. Our quality procedures allow us to fully understand your current financial position. This gives us a better understanding of your dreams and ambitions. So we can then tailor your plan for success.  And help to get you to where you’d like to be.

This is done by analysing your current financial position, identifying your future goals and any obstacles that may stand in the way.


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Wealth Creation and Expansion Strategies

Earning the right to risk.
Building a strong foundation of savings. Only then, expanding to different levels of investments to accelerate your wealth. Finally, introducing a diversification of investment vehicles.
REMEMBER: Your’e building for the ages.

Whether your investments are inside or outside of super, your wealth portfolio can encompass Cash, Fixed Interest, Bonds, Managed Funds, Direct Shares, Property and then into more speculative investments.

Investments through Managed Funds can also encompass US Shares, other international Shares, alternate Investments and much much more.

Small Business Owners are generally suited to Self Managed Super Funds. Especially those whom want to incorporate their business’ commercial property as part of their wealth portfolio within their own SMSF. This can be an excellent strategy depending on your individual circumstances.


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