This is a personal testimony more than a business one for Arthur Panagis at FMG Wealth Strategists.

I recently caught up with Arthur P on a day when I truly needed someone to talk too and really listen, Arthur did exactly that, he took it all in and then once I had finished, he has some very important questions to ask me. Arthur really took the time to understand my position and really empathised with me, his sincerity was heart felt.

Arthur then took our conversation one step further and offered advice and ways in which to help Adam & myself without any agenda. Arthur offered to come support us in a very important meeting, he spend 2 hours with us voluntarily and offered comfort and support, sharing his knowledge and offering his opinions.

We can’t believe the service that Arthur has provided us with and we aren’t even a client of his, I can only say if he put this much care and support into a non-client, imagine what he is doing for his actual clients.

I am truly blown away by Arthur’s generosity, it’s not every day you find a genuine human being willing to put their busy day aside to come help another out with out getting something back. We want to that you Arthur for your caring, gentle and empathic approach to business and life.

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