Accelerated savings plan – building a strong foundation

As a small business owner I was always concerned about the running of my business and never really got a chance to think about a wealth creation strategy for my wife and I. Now with a young family we really wanted to put something in place for the long term security of my family in relation to wealth creation and protection strategies. FMG Wealth Strategists assisted us in mapping out an accelerated savings plan as a strong foundation building into a diversified investment portfolio incorporating not only cash and fixed interest but also bonds/managed funds/property and shares whether Australian and US/ International . I wanted something diversified enough to cover all bases so I didn’t have to worry about shifting investments from one class/category to another based on the previous year’s investment returns. I just meet FMG Wealth Strategists to strategise, organise and review annually and that leaves me to concentrate on building my business which is what I love to do.

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