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The Art of Building Wealth

In the book The Art of Building Wealth, we show how ‘Financial Mastery’ is a journey not a destination. As the Ancient Greeks said, “it’s all about the journey not the destination.”

In the chapters of The Art of Building Wealth we share our ‘5 Step Wealth Accelerator System’. A proven journey to financial mastery not unlike the journey of Martial Arts.

In Martial Arts, “Black” is the opposite to white. It represents going from a novice to an “expert”. A good degree of proficiency of the art. It also indicates the endless universe (black) where development of technique is limitless. This is the stage where the ‘practitioner’ has the capacity and opportunity to explore the “timeless” endeavour, one would like to reach.” Financial Mastery and the art of building wealth is no different!

So, what I have discovered over many years of building wealth and guiding others in their financial mastery, is that wealth also has this representation. Where we move from novice wealth accumulation to expert wealth acceleration. This is the principle and the success of the 5 Step Wealth Accelerator System.

Enjoy Life Now

This book will not only uncover powerful Wealth Creation and Expansion Strategies but also strategies for Wealth Protection through tax effective structures for protecting and distributing wealth.

If you want the art of building wealth and most importantly, protecting your wealth, including help with time tested strategies in organising your wealth to enjoy life now as well as a good retirement then you are in the right place. Use this book and you will immediately benefit from the information provided. It will raise your awareness of how true wealth building is achieved. You will be the master of your own destiny.

About the Author

Arthur Panagis has been involved with Small Business for over 35 years. Firstly, in the capacity of Accountant in the corporate arena. Then as Business Owner for his own IT Solutions company for the Hair and Beauty Industry. Following this he moved back into the financial services industry as Wealth Coach, Strategist and Adviser for individuals and business owners.

During the period of director of his own company providing IT and business solutions for the Hair, Beauty and Day Spa Industry it made him acutely aware of the challenges that businesses and their owners were facing. And even now the challenges they face in today’s economic climate.

Soon, back in the financial services industry, he founded FMG Wealth Strategists with the sole focus to assist individuals and business owners to understand and set in place their own Wealth Creation, Expansion and Protection Strategies. So they too can live their dream financially free.

Now Author of ‘The Art of Building Wealth’ he reveals the 5 Steps to Wealth Acceleration. – this journey to Financial Mastery discovered and learned through his experiences over the last 35 years is finally revealed for you to start or continue your wealth mastery.

5 Steps

Throughout The Art of Building Wealth, the 5 Steps will start with your ‘wealth foundations’. Then progressively assist to build your Wealth. Starting with your values and their importance of hierarchy within you, followed by your blueprint to wealth.

This is followed by the golden rule of saving. Going back thousands of years it is explained perfectly in the book ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’. Once these foundations are in place we look to Earn the Right to Risk. This is where saving comes before investing and before speculation.

Finally, as Mastery is not a destination but a journey, we uncover more powerful strategies. But only after we build our solid foundations.

“I fear not the man who practised 10,000 kicks once but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee

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