Stuck on the treadmill of work, sleep, repeat?

Imagine waking each morning knowing that today you are actively following a pathway towards your real goals and aspirations.


Address your wealth through the lens of your whole life, rather than by your bank balance.

FMG’s Whole of Wealth Strategy Session allows you to take an in-depth look at where you are now, where you want to be, and confront the gaps in your life, mindset and financial strategy, so you can accomplish your goals sooner.

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Clarity, Inspiration and a Clear Plan of Action


The Whole Wealth Strategy Session is a 60-minute workshop session for you (and/or your partner) to clarify your vision for the next 5, 10 and 20 years and look at both financial and non-financial areas to address to make that vision a reality.


You will come away with:

  • Clarity around your medium and long term goals
  • A clear understanding of where you should and shouldn’t focus your attention in the short term
  • Simple, actionable steps you can take straight away

Who is it for?

Business owners and busy professionals who…

  • Are ‘stuck on the treadmill’, and want to start getting what they really want out of life
  • Have big plans for the future and want to make sure they achieve them
  • Are approaching retirement age and daunted about what comes next
  • Recognise how their mindset is affecting their money and want to do better

Clarity and structure with a clear plan is so inspiring and knowing where you are going financially makes every day like Christmas. What you do today, creates your tomorrow so I’m making the best of my today.

BJ Singh

Arthur thank you for our Whole Wealth strategy session. Please convey our thanks to Debbie too for opening up a new view for us and to consider the bigger picture. My wife & myself have now actively started thinking and planning about the years ahead with your help.


Djay D.

Just wanted to say big thank you to you and Deb for the Whole Wealth Strategy Session….

Adam and Cindy B

Why a Whole Wealth Strategy Session?

Build confidence in your long-term plan

Reach your life goals sooner

Clarify your vision

Experience a more fulfilled life

Meet your wealth strategists

Two experts are better than one, and in your Whole Wealth session you’ll benefit from Debbie’s perceptive coaching, Arthur’s financial wisdom and their combined passion for helping business owners and professionals get the most out of life.
Debbie Panagis

Debbie Panagis

Debbie Panagis has a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking and is an experienced Results Coach and Facilitator of the Breakthrough Method. She conducts the majority of the strategy session and is all about helping people reconnect with what they really want, and making a plan to make it happen. Insightful with a no-holds-barred approach, clients find working with Debbie refreshing.

Arthur Panagis

Arthur Panagis

Managing Financial Adviser and experienced accountant, and helps you put the financial strategy part of your session into action. Friendly and understanding, clients appreciate the time Arthur takes to explain strategies and ideas in detail.

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