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At FMG Wealth Strategists, our holistic financial practice provides personalised financial and strategic wealth planning and protection services to a diverse range of clients.

As a result, our focus is offering completely independent Cashflow and Debt Solutions. As well as, Investment and Wealth Creation Strategies. Most importantly, Retirement Planning, Super and Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) advice. Plus, Estate Planning and Succession Planning. Our clients include, mums and dads, business owners, medical professionals, young families, pre & post retirees, high flying professionals, executives and singles. All at different stages of their financial journey. Above all, our clients have a diverse range of financial advice needs. Furthermore, we really enjoy getting to know our clients and building relationships with them that lasts over many years.

About FMG Wealth Strategists – Financial Planning – Adelaide

The most rewarding aspect of providing tailored financial advice is working collaboratively with you. Discovering, developing and building your goals and objectives and then together, watching them come to fruition. If you want to be even more comfortable in retirement and financially stress free, there has never been a more important time to start and achieve a financial plan.

Clients have commented that they feel they are not treated as a number. Most noteworthy, our clients describe us as people with high integrity and always provide expert service and advise. They appreciated that the advice provided was specific to them. That we are very personable, even.. a ‘breath of fresh air’. And NOT the type of planner that only checks in every 2-3 years or more. We are as hands on as you want us to be.

Our philosophy of financial planning is NOT about selling products to clients. Rather, it’s about listening to our client’s situation and providing appropriate financial advice and solutions. This is developed through conversation, knowledge and understanding.

Our goal for you, is to provide quality financial advice which embraces every aspect of YOUR financial life. Growing your wealth, as well as, protecting wealth and helping you gain control. Getting you retirement ready is crucial, and above all, helping you with finding cashflow and DEBT solutions.

We act as the nucleus of your financial life. We will communicate with your existing accountant, lawyer and or banker to create seamless financial relations. If you don’t currently have these relationships, we have strategic alliances with a number of professionals who we trust and can contact them upon at your request.

Why Use Us As Your Financial Planner – Adelaide?

We will always be here to offer sound advice. Above all, implement the right financial strategy to complement the choices you make for your financial future based on YOUR goals and objectives.

There is a saying (we are sure you have heard or been asked by your young children at some time in your life). ‘Are we there yet?’ Well, when our client can say ‘YES!’ – it gives us and our client a real sense of personal achievement and self empowerment.

We have fulfilled our mission with them – and then we ask.. What is your next goal?

What are your financial goals and objectives?

Because managing your finances can be challenging. It is important to keep it simple where you can.

If you are looking for a quality Financial Planner – Adelaide, FMG Wealth Strategists are here to create tailored financial advice based on YOUR goals and objectives. Incorporated in our advise, are completely independent wealth and investment strategies. As well as, cashflow and debt solutions, super advise and consolidation. Futhermore, we also offer cashflow and debt plans so you can get a good handle on your finances.

Finally, pay off your debts sooner. As a result, saving for something big or small is achieved more quickly with less stress. The tools we use and recommend for your financial and self empowerment allow you to connect and see ALL your money and ALL your accounts in ONE place. See ALL transactions across ALL institutions – including your super, and home loan/s, credit card/s, shares/ investments etc.

Managing your finances and creating the wealth you dream of isn’t always easy. So we do all the hard work for you. We’ll show you the strategies to increase and enhance your long term wealth.

5 Steps to Your Improved Finances

  1. Understanding your goals
  2. Understand how you are spending your money
  3. Build a solution that fits you
  4. Providing advice, tips & tools
  5. Checking in with you

Our specialty is helping clients make better choices with the money they have available. Ensure their debts are structured in the most efficient manner and retire debt free. On the date they choose – with money left over to live their best retirement possible.

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