"His sincerity was heart felt."

This is a personal testimony more than a business one for Arthur Panagis at FMG Wealth Strategists.

I recently caught up with Arthur P on a day when I truly needed someone to talk too and really listen, Arthur did exactly that, he took it all in and then once I had finished, he has some very important questions to ask me. Arthur really took the time to understand my position and really empathised with me, his sincerity was heart felt.

Arthur then took our conversation one step further and offered advice and ways in which to help Adam & myself without any agenda. Arthur offered to come support us in a very important meeting, he spend 2 hours with us voluntarily and offered comfort and support, sharing his knowledge and offering his opinions.

We can’t believe the service that Arthur has provided us with and we aren’t even a client of his, I can only say if he put this much care and support into a non-client, imagine what he is doing for his actual clients.

I am truly blown away by Arthur’s generosity, it’s not every day you find a genuine human being willing to put their busy day aside to come help another out with out getting something back. We want to that you Arthur for your caring, gentle and empathic approach to business and life.


– Cindy & Adam Beecken –

Colossal Carpet Cleaning

"Palpable and infectious passion."

Congratulations on the second edition of your book The Art of Building Wealth Arthur.

I thought the use of the Taekwondo belt system in explaining the steps involved was a clever and innovative idea.

Many years ago I was starting out in business and was given some sage advice from a very successful mentor.

It goes as follows ‘when seeking professional services or purchasing large capital items always deal with individuals who demonstrate a genuine passion for their service or product’

I’m sure there are many financial advisors who can claim to have a high level of integrity and competence such as you display.

I’m not as sure as to how many could match the palpable and infectious passion you have for your profession.


– John O’Brien –

Chief Instructor, First Taekwondo

"It was a very smooth and worthwhile transition."

Personal Insurances Review and Restructure

A colleague referred my wife and I to Arthur at FMG Wealth Strategists to review our personal insurances both within and also outside our SMSF. As part of our wealth protection strategy and review we not only restructured with appropriate levels of cover but also had considerable savings from a cash-flow and tax effective basis. I had been planning to undertake this review for considerable time but we are now very glad we have done it. It was a very smooth and worthwhile transition.


– Dr Arvind and Vandana Sehgal –

"Helping us meet our financial goals and dreams."

SMSF Insurance Consideration and Implementation

My wife and I are trustees of our own SMSF and under super law we are now obligated to consider insurance for our fund members. We sought advice from FMG Wealth Strategists who researched and implemented all of our insurance needs helping us meet our obligations. Arthur was involved in the entire process and together we will now meet at our annual review to go over our needs and helping us meet our financial goals and dreams.


– Nitin and Preeti Parwal –

"Gave us more cashflow without losing any of those most important benefits."

Super – tax deductions and free up cashflow now

FMG Wealth Strategists reviewed our current wealth protection strategy for both of us. We were not only able to restructure our death and tpd cover within our super making it tax deductible but we were able to free up cashflow. FMG Wealth Strategists also worked our Income Protection cover to where approximately a third of this is paid outside our super fund without losing any of the premier benefits. The proportion outside super for income protection was also tax deductible. Being able to restructure our personal insurances not only gave us more cashflow without losing any of those most important benefits in the event of something happening.


– Paul and Ramona, Ted Turner Signs –

Edwardstown SA

"Leaves me to concentrate on building my business which is what I love to do."

Accelerated savings plan – building a strong foundation

As a small business owner I was always concerned about the running of my business and never really got a chance to think about a wealth creation strategy for my wife and I. Now with a young family we really wanted to put something in place for the long term security of my family in relation to wealth creation and protection strategies. FMG Wealth Strategists assisted us in mapping out an accelerated savings plan as a strong foundation building into a diversified investment portfolio incorporating not only cash and fixed interest but also bonds/managed funds/property and shares whether Australian and US/ International . I wanted something diversified enough to cover all bases so I didn’t have to worry about shifting investments from one class/category to another based on the previous year’s investment returns. I just meet FMG Wealth Strategists to strategise, organise and review annually and that leaves me to concentrate on building my business which is what I love to do.


– Rowan, Gym Owner –

Aldgate SA

Borrowing within your Self Managed Super Fund

As part of my families long term wealth strategy FMG Wealth Strategists worked closely with our accountant to transfer our commercial property into our newly created Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) which involved a borrowing arrangement within the SMSF. They also implemented a wealth protection strategy incorporating death and total and permanent disabilty cover within our SMSF as part of the overall strategy.


– Theo, Small Busines Owner –

Littlehampton SA

"Modern, cost effective super fund saving multiple fees and charges."

Consolidating super funds and all my insurances

FMG Wealth Strategists helped consolidate a number of my existing, lost and misplaced super funds into a modern cost effective super fund saving multiple fees and charges together with making the administration of all them more efficient. FMG Wealth Strategists were also able to consolidate all my insurances within the new super fund with little effort and ensure in the event of death this would directly go to my loved ones without any doubt.


– Theo, Small Busines Owner –

Littlehampton SA

"We chose FMG Wealth Strategists as we had done other business with them over the years."

Buy/sell and keyperson cover for us as business partners

We needed to review our business insurances – we chose FMG Wealth Strategists as we had done other business with them over the years. Through this review we concluded that implementing buy/sell and keyperson cover for us as 50% business partners in our salon in the event of a death, disability or trauma was very important to us for our individual and each other’s protection. We also mapped out a SMSF strategy for the purchase of our commercial building that the salon resides and since then FMG Wealth Strategists have implemented this as part of our long term wealth strategy.


– Salon Owners –

Norwood SA

Whole Wealth Strategy session

Arthur thank you for our strategy session. Please convey our thanks to Debbie too for opening up a new view for us and to consider the bigger picture. My wife & myself have now actively started thinking and planning about the years ahead with your help.

– Djay –


I found FMG to be amazing. Deb went above and beyond to help us get approval for our home loan and we are very grateful . I would definitely recommend FMG.

– Silvana S. –

From the moment I was referred to Debbie, she made feel confident that I would succeed in getting our home loan. She communicated every step of the way with my wife and I and always committed to getting information to us ASAP. Debbie was as excited as us and it felt that she too was buying the house. Debbie even created an outing to enjoy and celebrate the success of our journey. I thoroughly recommend Debbie to those who are seeking to purchase their house or any other financial help.

– V Santucci –

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