The Master Planner

The inspiration for this Master Planner was to bring Dr John F. Demartini’s life changing principles to a daily format, so you can easily work on them throughout each day.
Most importantly, it comes with clear, easy to follow instructions. The Master Planner will guide & align your life with your highest vision.

As a result, working with it will help clarify what you would love to achieve in your personal and business life. It will also enable you to bring about clarity, order and inspiration in all areas of your life.

Maximize the results of your life

Writing is the first powerful step in making ideas become realized, manifested dreams. In working with this Master Planner you will be affirming and acting on what is truly important to you. Above all, in what you’d love to achieve by recognizing the person you truly are, your magnificence and your wisdom.

We wish you a wonder filled journey.

This Unique Master Planner Diary Includes

  • Stylish black bound folder
  • One page for each day, plus a weekly planner
  • Inspirational guidance
  • Monthly overview spreads
  • Mission and Purpose Statement Pages (1, 5 & 10 years)
  • Daily motivating quotes
  • Financial Management Pages, Destiny Planner Pages, Distraction Resolution Forms, Realizations and Inspirations, Words of Power
  • Accessories for a focused and purposeful fulfillment of your life’s mission Everything you require to keep you on track daily.

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