Wealth Creation and Expansion

Earning the right to risk and building a strong foundation of savings then expanding to different levels of investments to accelerate your wealth and introducing a diversification of investment vehicles.
REMEMBER: You’re building for the ages.

Whether your investments are inside or outside of super, your wealth portfolio can encompass Cash, Fixed Interest, Bonds, Managed Funds, Direct Shares, Property and then into more speculative investments.

Investments through Managed Funds can also encompass US Shares, other  international Shares, alternate Investments and much much more.

For those that are suited to Self Managed Super Funds, especially Small Business Owners whom want to incorporate their business’ commercial property as part of their wealth portfolio within their own SMSF — this is  an excellent strategy too.

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Wealth Education

Whether through our regular Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, Newsletters or Blogs, as part of our mission statement we have an obligation to impart education for your wealth creation, expansion and protection in pursuit of your financial freedom.

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Wealth Protection

Protect you and your family wealth with personal insurances such as Death, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection. Where appropriate this can be achieved inside super for ease of personal cashflow. Tax concessions may apply whether inside or outside super.

Protect your business through insurances such as loan protection and business overheads, Buy/Sell agreements and funding, as well as Key Person agreements. Tax concessions may also apply.

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Succession Planning

Inter-generational Wealth Transfer.
If you want to be certain that your wealth doesn’t end up being another tale of ‘Shirtless to Shirtless’’ in 3 generations you need to take the topic of inter-generational wealth transfer seriously. Education of not only Quantative but just as importantly Qualitative factors are paramount to ensure your hard earned wealth doesn’t disappear in your children and grandchildren’s generation.

Small Business Tax Concessions Strategies.
Together with your accounting team we work towards maximizing tax benefits available on selling your business and investing appropriately.

Buy/Sell Agreements.
Through buy/sell funding, this agreement ensures a successful transition between owners of the business and ensures an adequate compensation in the event of death/disablement/trauma for all parties concerned.

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Retirement or Re-Inspirement Planning

Well it’s a fact that we are going to be living longer so rather than retirement we recommend Re-Inspirement ! In the other words what are you going to retire to?

Off course, that entails Estate Planning incorporating wills, powers of attorney etc. By getting your house in order in this area, we know that most of your investment growth normally comes toward the end of your life. Which makes sense as a result of what Albert Einstein termed the 8th wonder of the world, called ‘The law of compounding’.  Like a Rocket leaving the earth… the higher you go the less resistance you encounter and faster you rise. So as gravity decreases the density of the atmosphere lessens and momentum builds. This is what happens to your wealth creation if you allow it grow and expand.  Building earlier with momentum.. could give you a great reason to ‘live‘. then you may just retire to something that continues to inspire you.

Some call this retirement but we term it re-inspirement for a very good reason.