Building Family Wealth

This landmark book, Family Wealth, has changed the way wealthy and entrepreneurial families think about their heritage. Along with their wealth and their legacy for future generations.

Furthermore, the Family Wealth book is now expanded and revised. It hopes to communicate advantages that are more than just material and financial to families looking at their next generation/s.

The key messages want to instill character and leadership. To inspire creativity and enterprise. It is also to help all family members find and follow their individual callings. Most importantly, to help avoid the financial dependency and loss of initiative, that can all too often, be an unwanted consequence of previous generations financial success.

Yet many families never succeed in realizing that vision. Much less sustaining it for three, four, or five generations and beyond.

About the author of Family Wealth

Author, James Hughes has thought deeply about these challenges. For that reason, his insights are practical and profound. For more than three decades, he has personally guided multiple generations of families in creating strategies to preserve their human and intellectual capital. As well as, their financial assets.

Jame’s teachings in the book, synthesize insights from psychology and anthropology. Including, political history, philosophy, economic theory, and the law. It also incorporates examples ranging from Aristotle to cutting-edge social science theory. His ideas have been taken up by numerous exceptional families. Similarly, by their advisers, and by scores of authors, practitioners, and academics who have found value in the methods he pioneered.

Principles and Practices of Family Wealth

The first edition of Family Wealth was privately published. It has now became a word-of-mouth classic. Hughes has now updated and substantially expanded it.  It now includes new chapters that challenge conventional notions of wealth. It also offers guidelines for conserving family assets. Whilst filled with tested principles and practices for family governance and joint decision making. It is a rich source of workable wisdom. Therefore, one that all family members can put into practice today, to the enduring benefit and gratitude of future generations.

This book has been instrumental in my, and many of our clients lives. As a result, are the principles they follow for their personal & business wealth strategies.

Well worth reading. Enjoy!

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