Top 3 Free Credit Report Resources

There are free credit report resources out there for you to check your credit and even try to fix bad credit. Be educated about the credit reporting system. Most credit repair companies won’t tell you this.

Get ONE free credit report each year.

You can safely get ONE free credit report each year. We highly recommend this as you need to know what is in your credit file.

1. Equifax has a free credit report resource available.

Equifax is one of the 3 main credit reporting bodies in Australia. They hold all your past financial history in a report, which is much like a financial footprint, so to speak. It shows your past enquiries and other information, including defaults.

Contact our team to find out more if you feel you need credit repair assistance.

2. Dun & Bradstreet (now Illion) also has a free credit report available.

Dun & Bradstreet is the other main credit reporting body in Australia. They also hold all your past credit activity in a report.

Again, if you think you need assistance, click on the contact link above.

3. Free credit repair investigation with Equifax

Equifax do offer a free correction investigation option within their website. However, we do suggest that you speak to a credit repair company first, as sometimes defaults can be listed on both your Equifax, Illion and Experian reports and just because you remove it from one report
doesn’t mean it will come off the other.

We have a very reliable credit repair solution company that will help you. And they guarantee NO result NO fee credit repair service.

NOTE: Be wary of credit repair companies who promise to remove a listing whilst asking for money upfront. Removing a default is never 100% certain as they can only be removed if listed in error.

HINT: Don’t just apply anywhere for credit repair!!

Obtain your free credit reports from:

Dun & Bradstreet (now Illion)

N.B Each report CAN contain different information as credit providers can chose where they list information, so if you think you have a bad credit history, it would be proactive to order ALL 3 copies of your credit report before you apply for finance.

Doing this prior to coming to us to apply for finance or consolidate your current finances is very wise. Knowing the most about you and your finance report puts you in the best position for a successful finance application.

You can pay for a copy if you need one quickly, OR you can order a free copy if you’re in no rush and you don’t want to spend the money. The free report is the same as the paid one, it just takes a few more days to be sent out to you.

6 Top Tips To Rebuild Your Credit.

  • Stop applying for finance for 6 months.
    EG Your credit score will recover month by month from giving the enquiries a rest.
  • Get an automatic check set up on your credit report
    EG When you apply for your credit report, request that they update you if any activity happens on your file.
  • Set up monthly Direct Debits on all your loans
    NOTE: Make sure that you don’t miss any repayments though
  • Speak to your credit providers
    In times of financial stress is to not pick up the phone. Speak to your credit provider – they may be able to offer you financial assistance.

  • Use a trusted credit repair company
    Contact us

  • Use a local finance broker – Me 🙂
    HINT: Every time you apply for a loan, you are placing an enquiry on your report. The more enquiries you have, the less chance you have of being approved.

Have a default?

If you find you have a default and don’t know how to go about fixing it please contact us and we can put you in touch with the right credit solutions company.

P.S. Debt consolidation and debt management can also help with credit repair.
Contact us


Disclaimer: This article is factual information only. It is not intended to imply any recommendation about any financial product(s) or to constitute tax advice. The information in the article is reliable at the time of distribution, but may not be complete or accurate in the future.


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