It’s true, a new year calls for new resolutions. Your new plans, updated goals and renewed dreams.

Now is the right time to set yourself up with your updated wealth creation and protection strategies designed specifically around YOUR renewed dreams, goals and desires.

  • Are you one of those people who watch others around you, and see others living a fabulous life following their dreams and goals, & wish you could do the same?
  • Do you wonder how you can add value to your own life to create instant gratitude for what you have now and a clear vision for what you want in your future?
  • Do you know you need to build your wealth mindset aligned with YOUR goals and dreams but have no idea how to realistically make that happen?
  • Are you constantly searching for ways to make things financially easier for you & your loved ones?
  • Do you often get confused as to what wealth / life strategy will work best for you, and as a result, you never seem to really get ahead the way you would like?
FMG Wealth Strategists - Financial Goals / Planning


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’ll be pleased to know, you’re not alone. It’s fair to say, Australian’s have a love affair with living their best life but don’t always get to the life they dream of. The concept of investing in yourself to get what you want sometimes is diverted by daily distractions. Hence, your goals and dreams get pushed aside for another day.


But if it was as simple as it seems, everyone would be building their wealth and living their dream life. Because that is not the case, there’s a parcel of stuff you’ll need to know in order to do it right, time & time again. In our fast-paced and changing world there is a tailored and low risk strategy preferred by our many clients and personally recommended by us.


How a new-year-calls-for-new-resolutions

& why now is the right time to protect your current & future wealth alongside YOUR renewed dreams, goals & desires.

FMG Wealth Strategists - Financial Goals / Planning

If you think a supported and collaborative plan is for you, join us for our unique “Whole of Wealth” Strategy session where you’ll learn some of the key principles on how to “build and protect your wealth” and, or “insure” correctly to live inspired and peacefully in 2021 & beyond.

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FMG Wealth Strategists - Financial Goals / Planning

What’s in a Plan?

The ‘Whole of Wealth’ Strategy Session is a 60-minute workshop session for you (and your partner) to clarify your vision for the next 5, 10 and 20 years and look at both financial and non-financial areas to address to make that vision a reality.

You will come away with:

  • Clarity around your medium and long term goals
  • A clear understanding of where you should and shouldn’t focus your attention in the short term
  • Simple, actionable steps you can take straight away
FMG Wealth Strategists - Financial Goals / Planning
FMG Wealth Strategists - Financial Goals / Planning

Who is it for?

Business owners and busy professionals who…

  • Are ‘stuck on the treadmill’, and want to start getting what they really want out of life
  • Have big plans for the future and want to make sure they achieve them

Why a Whole Wealth Strategy Session?

Build confidence in your long-term plan

Reach your life goals sooner

Clarify your vision

Experience a more fulfilled life

Imagine waking each morning knowing that today you are actively following a pathway towards your real goals and aspirations.

Address your wealth through the lens of your whole life, rather than by your bank account balance.

Book your 60 minute session here. Or call us on 08 7111 0022 or email

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