When it comes to setting your wealth goals, do you set Wealth goals or Wealth whims?


We are in the business of wealth goals and here’s how you know the difference.


Fantasies v Real Goals

A fantasy is only being conscious of the upsides, the positives, the advantages and being unconscious of the downsides, the negatives, and the disadvantages. And the more polarized your perspective, the less attainable that goal will be and will be fraught with challenges that you don’t want.

Take a Magnet as an example of trying to get a one sided, all positive result.

Cut a magnet in half. The magnet still has a +&- pole. Cut it again and again, you get the same result. You cannot have a one-sided magnet. There are always 2 sides. It is the same with anything in our life, and a goal is no different. When it comes to goal setting, if you are striving for only the benefits, your goal cannot be achieved without some pain and challenge associated with it.


How to create your wealth goals.

When you create your goals with a balanced perspective, you will see both sides, the challenges and the benefits. Goals created from this perspective take into account the downsides, disadvantages and negatives in advance, that way you can address those challenges in advance and when they arise you move past them and stay focused on the goal. Not emotionally rise and dip along the way.

Fantasy Goals

A fantasy is wanting a one-sided outcome. A pleasure without a pain. All upsides and no downsides.

Another way of knowing you are in a fantasy is to pursue something that you think is important to you, that isn’t in fact, truly important to you.

For example, wanting to be financially independent. Yet you don’t have a strategy to save, invest, reinvest and patience. What you really mean is you want to spend money like the lifestyle of the rich and financially independent, and not want to save and invest and be patient to be financially independent.

You say you want financial independence, but your values and actions show all you want is immediate gratification. Harsh, maybe. But you know what I am saying.

So, any time you set a goal with what you truly value (your inner goal aligned with your true values) with a strategy, your goal is destined to achieve. Along with all the trials and tribulations of getting there.


Setting wealth goals

When setting goals based on your values, they become your ‘objectives’ and objectives are neutral and balanced. Objectivity means neutral. So, any time we are setting goals with a balanced mind, from a balanced perspective we have a higher probability that we will achieve them.

As opposed to ‘fantasy setting’, which will set off chemicals in the brain, you are in the more positive, pleasure state, not seeing any negatives, and you are without a strategy, which is not a goal. It’s a wish, a whim, a fantasy.


=> The difference between a goal and a fantasy is, that a fantasy is perceived in the imagination and the future. Where as, the goal or objective is seen in the now.

Goals created in presence and balance, where challenges are mitigated, you see there is now nothing in the way, balancing the chemistry in the brain. The body isn’t in a polarizing internal chemistry. It’s calm and focused. On the other hand, where you are incongruent, you experience oscillating fears and stressors. (that internal voice saying, I can’t get this goal). In this state, you have oscillating chemistry, sending you all over the place.


A Destined Goal

A balanced chemistry in the brain and the body is when you know it is destined. You are living congruently and making decisions based on your highest values, you are really present with your objective, seeing in your mind’s eye. With a strategy of how to do it and taking the actions spontaneously. No one needs to motivate you to do this. You put the actions in place, automate what you can, are present with the vision, and that’s the highest probability of your objective ‘ goal achievement.




Progress of your wealth goal

As your goal progresses you automatically get a dopamine hit. The amygdala is the desire centre of the brain, and as you get further along in your objective, you will get little fixes along the way. As long as your balance is maintained, and you don’t elevate into elation (fantasy) your goal will continue to progress. And the more focus and energy you will put into achieving that what you most truly desire.

Whereas, fantasy creates a bipolar response. It creates the nightmare to counter-balance the fantasy. This leads to a depressive response. Depression happens when there is a comparison of your current reality, to a fantasy that you are holding onto. So, whenever you have a fantasy that you don’t have a strategy for, that is not aligned with your true values, that is one sided, depression is the compensation for it.


When you set a goal (objective) with a balanced perspective, as you meet the  challenges, your chemistry will be balanced to pursue it from an inspired state.

=> The reward is a more holistic response in all the areas of the brain, mind, and body, fully balanced and inspired in the pursuit of the objective.

HINT: Don’t waste your time making goals that aren’t truly deep and meaningful to you.


Not making progress on your goals?

It means it’s not aligned with your highest values, not coming from a balanced perspective, challenges haven’t been addressed and balanced, it’s a fantasy.

Buddha said, “the desire for that that is unattainable, (fantasy) and the desire to avoid that that is unavoidable, (nightmare) is the source of human suffering”.



Contradictory wealth goals

Wants and doable goals – must be congruent otherwise the brain will just delete them all. The brain knows it’s not doable.

TIP: Re-adjust all the goals until they are doable, and grow from there.

Take that goal and break it all the way down to make sure that all the goals are real for you. That they don’t contradict. Because every time you have a contradiction, you have internal conflict. You numerically can’t get it done.


What does being financially independent mean?

People tell us they want to be financially independent. So we ask, if you had $10,000,000, what would you do with it?

Most people immediately write down how they would spend it on things that would depreciate in value, not appreciate in value and invest it.

Unless you have a high value on buying assets that go up in value to build your wealth, eventually you will be back to where you started, or worse off. We’ve all seen lotto winners have that happen to them.


Spending and Consuming

They think they will maintain their wealth by spending their money, shopping, consuming, instead of producing, and investing.

These contradictions see people seeking immediate gratification instead of long term financial independence. This causes self depreciation and depression.

That is why it is important to set real goals, with real strategies, that are aligned with your highest values, with small actions steps that build momentum as you go. That’s how you achieve your goals.


What are the timeframes of setting and achieving wealth goals?

Firstly, where are you now?

Are you a office or factory worker? In middle management? The CEO of a company?

This is an example

  • Office or factory worker – probably think in terms of pay to pay, or week to week
  • Supervisor they might think month to month
  • Lower management probably think year to year
  • Middle management a decade
  • Upper management maybe in terms of a generation
  • CEO maybe more than a generation – eg 3 generations

Everyone has a time and space horizon in which they live in.

The beauty is, any time you are living in your highest values your space and time expands. This is a long term vision horizon. That’s why it is so important to set goals from and in congruence with your highest values. This is where you spontaneously act on your goals and don’t need outside motivation.


Lower value goals

When you are setting goals from your lower values you need motivation to do them. Your time frame is small, and you will automatically frustrate, procrastinate in the achievement of it. We have all been there.

You can still set goals in those lower values, but you must set small achievable goals, in chunks, to achieve your lower value goals. It is wise to set goals in all areas of your life over time.


Incremental momentum

This is the key. Especially with lower value goals, which could be health, family, wealth, mindset, career and so on. With a well-structured strategy it greatly increases your ability to succeed in any area of your life. You want to master your life and be the master of your destiny, otherwise someone else will run your life for you.



Audacious wealth goals

Strategic planning with foresight are how you set audacious goals. But you need to strategize, be aligned with your values, have people around you. (You can’t do it on your own). And, you need to know their values are aligned with yours. Otherwise, you will be micromanaging people, pushing people up the hills to get you to where you want to be. Your energy is wasted and your goals won’t or will take way longer to get done and achieve.

Little actions make big dreams. And little visions can become BIG visions.

HINT: When you achieve little things, your brain says, I can do this, and that sets you up for the next achievement and the next and the next.

Small steps and a big vision is achievable.



The wisdom of delegating when setting wealth goals.

Those with a vision who spend time planning and seeing it in their mind’s eye and then managing the structure to delegate the low priority actions, get further in life. Rather than doing it all themselves.

Give yourself the opportunity to set your goals and strategies, and then surround yourself with people who do extraordinary things that you don’t do. (is not in your highest values) Or have the expertise in and primary focus, that you don’t have.


Building Your Team

By building a team around you to take on the things that are low on your values, but high on their values, everybody wins, and everyone gets their highest values taken care of. You can achieve so much more doing it this way.

If you want to get way more out of your life, stick to your core skills and values, do what is truly inspiring to you, with a true objective, broken down into a true strategy, and chunked down to small steps. Then hand the tasks to those people who are inspired to do them. This way you get a whole lot more done, and achieve more in way less time.



What is the difference between your vision, mission, purpose and goal?

Mission and purpose is through time and space.

My mission/ purpose is to be your teacher of how to build your wealth. Time on the planet = my time and space I am taking up on the planet to do this.

My Goal is to impact 1,000,000 Wealth Builders, to assist them to achieve their vision / goal for building their wealth.

Goals are doables, achievables, measurables, they get done. Goals can be achieved all your life, and goals can continue on, well after your lifetime if you wish. Being that you are an ever expanding ‘being‘, your vision for what you want to achieve, as long as you have the strategies in place, can continue.

You could have a vision 100 years from now. And again, if you put the systems, structures and legals in place for the fulfilment of your vision, mission, goal, and purpose, it will continue. They are all interconnected, and each, and all, take up time and space to varying degrees.


Setting Your Wealth Goals

The more meaningful your wealth goals are to you the further they will expand in space and time.

So, now it is time to set your goals in a way that is absolutely inspiring and deeply meaningful to you.

You are a self-actualizing individual. You are free to choose, and when you set your true goals in place, you will never need to be motivated. Nobody works another day in their life when they are inspired to do, love to do, and choose to do. Stick to the things that are inspiring to you 😍


A ‘great life’ is something that is meaningful, that is inspiring, and that is purposeful.


Time to get to work!
Make the rest of your life the best of your life

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REMEMBER, action is power!
Wealth belongs to those who plan for it





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