FMG 'Whole Wealth' Strategists - Financial Advice - Adelaide
FMG 'Whole Wealth' Strategists - Financial Advice - Adelaide

Introduction to Planting Your Wealth Tree

I have been wanting to introduce – Planting your Wealth Tree – Part 1, for sometime now. It all came to the fore and became the ‘right time’ to share this with you on our recent family trip to Greece to visit my parents at Christmas. Revisiting some of the ancient wisdom’s of the world really drew me back to my desire to share these wealth principles. I was taught this over many years and personally implemented in my own life. I have also shared them with some of you who where ready to start there building their own long term wealth through this system.

Delphi Greece

These principles are ancient. Originally only the select few were introduced to them. These families controlled the world’s wealth and power. But not now. Everyone has access to them. Now more than ever, building long term sustainable wealth is the most important principle to implement, to ensure YOUR future is secure. Relying on our government or any one else is no longer an option. We can see first hand how they manage our money. To feel confident that they will have funds to look after us in our retirement is not something I see. I don’t want to rely on that to determine the quality of my retirement.

Planting your Wealth Tree – Part 1

Focus and discipline are the only ingredients you need to add. This month I share with you the first simple step and following steps will be added shortly.

This time of the year is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and ‘Plant your Wealth Tree’. The symmetry of nature and wealth building is so strong that we have chosen now, to start you on your long term wealth building journey. We want to give you the proven steps and principles of the wealthiest people on the planet that is as relevant today, as it was was they started their wealth building journey.

So, let’s get started. The soil is warm, the weather is the perfect temperature for roots to ground into their new home. The coming season of sun and rain (or watering) to further establish strong roots. Then, into the next season producing new growth with sunshine, nutrients and more rain (or watering). All a tree needs for it’s best start for a long, strong and healthy life. Well wealth is no different. So if you are ready, let’s get this seedling planted.

FMG 'Whole Wealth' Strategists - Financial Advice - Adelaide
FMG 'Whole Wealth' Strategists - Financial Advice - Adelaide

Part 1 – Cash Reserves

As you know, there is no such thing as ‘get rich quick’. But the good news is, there is a powerful thing that can happen ‘on auto pilot’ in less than 10 years from now.

 ‘Planting your wealth tree’ starts with banking. Most people never get serious about cash reserves. Knowing how to earn  decent interest on your savings while putting your savings on auto pilot is key. Essentially so you don’t have to be continually making decisions, to maintain ‘your fertile soil’. How and where you place your ‘roots’, will determine how healthy your ‘wealth tree’ will be now and in the future.

Planting your Wealth Tree – Creating Your Cushion Account

To start off, this month you are going to set up ONE account.
Completely separate from your everyday working account. You want to make it hard to get to your money. This is all about behavior and not making it easy for you to access this money. Having a separate ‘pot of money’ for building a powerful feeling of ‘safety’ is the key here. This a separate pot of money for when you ‘need’ some extra funds ‘reserves’ to cover that unforeseen event or breakdown. From now it is going to be your ‘90 Day Reserve’ – or called your CA – ‘Cushion Account’. You choose a name that is appropriate for you.

Planting your Wealth Tree – 90 Day Reserve  (How to build your cushion account)

To calculate your ‘90 Day Reserve’ you will work out your monthly living /lifestyle expenses. Eg: this could work out to be $10,000 per month which includes loan and credit card repayments, groceries, holidays, school fees, entertainment, clothing, utilities etc. This amount is now what you will be working towards. In this example your 90 day reserve will be $30,000.00.

Now this may take you a while to accumulate. It may take 1 year? Maybe more, may be less? But the reason for this is, that you will be building a ‘feeling’ of security as you generate this reserve. What you will also find, is that less unforeseen event or breakdowns will occur as you are no longer living in uncertainty of what ‘might’ happen. Your inner security is building as you are building your reserve.

Cash Reserves cont

Congratulations, from now on you will be building your ‘90 Day Reserve’ account.

So, this month’s action is setting up one account completely separate from your everyday working account. To be known from this day on as your ‘90 Day Reserve’ account / cushion account (or whatever you choose).

FMG 'Whole Wealth' Strategists - Financial Advice - Adelaide

Quick recap

This month
Please set up one account and decide on an amount that you will start a weekly automatic debit to go out of your everyday account into your 90 Day Reserve’ account.
Start small. Something you know you can do without thinking about it not being in your life.
Start with $50 or $500 per week if that feels right for you.
You just need to start somewhere and build from there.

In 3 months time
Create a reminder. You will now put it in your calendar to increase that amount as you are already comfortable living without that amount. *(you will find you never actually even miss it.) You may now make it $70 or $700 per week.
Then in 3 months time you will increase again. You get the picture. This is called accelerated savings and gets you to your desired outcome sooner.
If you really want to gain a feeling of certainty in your business life, it is wise to also apply this principle of 90 day reserves to that area as well.

REMEMBER: this is just about Focus and Discipline. But it is made easy because you are automating the action through your set and forget direct debit function in your online banking facility.

FMG 'Whole Wealth' Strategists - Financial Advice - Adelaide

We personally use the Bett3r App and utilize the smarts of a ‘money manager’ tool. Once set up, you have access to ALL your accounts across ALL financial institutions allowing you to ‘know exactly where you are financially’ at any given time. We and our clients have benefited from the ease of this App and Money Manager tool.

This is what our clients told us..

Since using the Bett3r App and the Money Manger tool we have organised our finances and been able to start save money for 3 goals that we have wanted to do for a long time. We now look at our finances with great anticipation and love seeing the balances grow. I think the best thing is that we now are inspired about what our future holds now that our finances are finally something we are truly proud of. 

Thank you FMG Wealth Strategists for introducing this to us!
S & L Bartlett

Find out more and how to set it up here.

P.S. Need instructions for the Money Manager tool, contact us here and we will send you your unique login link.


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